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Pattern Spiders are the most basic kind of spider-shaped spirits working for the Weaver. They maintain the Pattern Web, and expand it by calcifying items, spirits, and people, then binding them into the Web. Pattern Spiders are the least members of the Bureau of Destiny and are charged with maintaining the Tapestry and the Loom of Fate.

You have been caught in that tapestry and the threads that bind you in it are dark and troubleing. Will you burst free of the prison of fate and save these lands, or will you and the people who live here be crushed under bhe Bureau of Destiny’s heel. That is for you the strongest of all exalted to determine.

You have a few tools at your disposal as always. The first is your wiki. There is some more helpful info there. The Tabs up top are also helpful for you. If you are ever confused about something the offical white wolf wiki can help

Trouble in the Southlands

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