Trouble in the Southlands

So it begin

Many things have happened during my travels, some good, some bad, same for everyone who start a journey… some weeks ago, I’ve met Lynn, apparently a solar as well, though I have less problem imagining her as a solar than myself… she seem to be some kind of warrior like me, she wear some heavy looking clothes, I doubt it’s easy to move in that, what’s the point ?… she also got Hunter.. if I remember well, a boy stuck to her like a leech at anytime. we ended up knowing each others secrets, kinda why we move along now, it is also funnier than travelling alone.

our journey was pretty boring, nothing much to tell about it, until today. slavers… of all the things I can’t handle well, they had to cross my path, to make a long story short, got captured myself in the past by slavers… ironically, the one who did it in the past was the master of this caravan. we managed to catch up on them, I was ready for a blood feast, but Lynn had another plan… was too bad a plan since most of them ran away leaving the slaves, two of them lied in their own blood and the most disgusting one was knocked out cold… I made sure no one would ever find him again.

The slaves happened to be amazon, some are even from my village, including my sister… she told me what happened since I left… I still can’t believe or village fell… I have to go back, Lynn didn’t opposed to the idea, even offered to come along, which I appreciate, guess I didn’t even thanked her properly for that… one of the girl from another village guided us to a rundown temple, apparently known only of her tribe… Lynn started on a lot of explaination about what this place is, but I didn’t understand much of it… a manse ? whatever, to me it’s just a roof to sleep under..until it talked to me… maybe I should not have touched that stone… I’m still trying to make some sense to all of it…



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