Trouble in the Southlands

Destined Battle ?

The wound I got from those mercenary sure took time to heal, they were undoubtly well trained…
either way, my body is well now, if only rusty from the rest.. I don’t quite recall much dscussion I had with the newcomers, but I know for sure they are not enemies, there is something in them that make me feel protective toward them somehow, I guess protecting the children for so long made me softer or awoken my maternal protection of sort ?

what we found on place when we finally reach the village we were set to free… there wasn’t much to free… those poor souls looked resigned to slavery, hope somehow, seemed to had left their eyes. Too late ? how could amazon lose faith to this extend so fast ? we were guided to the queen, probably thinking they had the upper hand agains’t 4 people… why did the two guys followed anyway ?… well, it’s their choice.

what happened afterward… I’m not sure, I know I challenged the queen, for all she did, but I ended up facing a man in the arena, my brain must had been boiling at the sight of my enemy and now, I’m there, not only facing someone else, but that person.. was my savior ? I’ll skip the detail, the fight was rough… again which fight to death isn’t ? but I managed to put him down, winning the fight and stand pridefully in the arena…



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