Trouble in the Southlands

A moment of reality

I’m still unsure what to make all of this, the new culture, the people around me, and most of all, the fox companion that I’ve been running with. It was a terrifying thing, dashing through the woods while hoping your footing would be steady enough to make it; knowing that if you slipped at this moment, it would most likely be the end of everything. I still wonder though, why did those exalted think that I was a threat? I’m only a child, confused and lost in this world without any sense of direction or heading. I am still confused as to why those two ladies decide to take up in arms to protect against those awful monsters.

This was all too strange for me; I never imagined being faced into a position where death could easily approach itself and cause an issue. I never imagined that I would be placed into a position where I had to decide to let that arrow sink into another child; a child that was nearing my age! How could he do such a thing towards me too? I remember the stinging pain and the close arrow that whipped past my face. It left a mark, a mark that I could never forget, and even after the wound closed itself, it would always be there.

I realized something very valuable today and something that will always stick true to my heart; a sense of encouragement. The expressions the men showed after they had my companion and I stopped the words from the Amazon warriors and most importantly of all, the sound of battle. It’s allowing me to question various things: why did those strange women help us? Was this a trick, or an act of compassion?

There is something else that bothers me, and it’s the man that was being chased alongside me. I do wonder if he’s feeling the same thing, a mixture of fear or something inside his mind or if he even cares for me. All I know for sure is that I have a sense of pity for that creature… It seems like he’s been cursed or something; he turned into a monster! Still, monster or not, he looked out for me in the slightest way and for that, I think he might be good. Although.. This could all be a trick—everything that has happened so far.



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